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During these last months I had some time left to spend and decided to write a book. I choose a topic that I always found to be interesting: Bitcoin and blockchains. After years of research and experimentation with decentralized networks, I decided it was time to share my knowledge and insights with you and combine these within a single work. The book is titled ‘On the Nature of Bitcoin’, consists of 202 pages, is published in English and concludes with an Epilogue written by economist Edin Mujagić.

The book deals with the role of Bitcoin, blockchain and crypt-assets in the Digital Transformation of society and shows you how the birth of Bitcoin has influenced the information technology sector, financial markets, the legal field, cybersecurity and how it even ignited internet meme wars.

Thanks to the the multidimensional approach of my book, you will learn all matters relevant for interpreting the reality of Bitcoin.

Therefore the book deals with various dimensions like Bitcoins use of computer hardware, energy consumption, how decentralized networks communicate and use cryptography, the overall systems design and much more. I also discuss the current trends in cybersecurity to reason why the higher costs of maintenance of blockchain applications might be less relevant in the future.

Besides the technical dimensions, the relevancy of internet meme culture, the (ab)use of Bitcoin in cybercrimes and hacking attacks (like the hack of Bill Gates Twitter account) and how the legal field deals with such phenomona will also pass the revu.

Given that Bitcoin is not only a technological innovation but also offers its users various functions in the context of economics, the book concludes with an Epliogue written by economist Edin Mujagić. Edin is a monetary economist, author and published for various media like Follow the Money, Telegraaf.

I just published the official website of my new book and if you like to read the book, you can order your copy via Amazon.com. You can also preview the Introduction to the Nature of Bitcoin on Academia.edu and read it for free there!

I am quite sure you will like the insights and ideas published in my book on Bitcoin, however if you have feedback, want to collaborate for future versions or leave comments, just send me an e-mail!

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