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After working for another publisher for whom I published columns and journalism texts, I decided to create my own platform for publishing journalism and lifestyle content, and so Nieuwsframes was born.

The reason why I wanted to publish news myself is to offer a unique frame in the public debate and be able to set important societal topics on the agenda of the public. A good way to influence society when you are not active in politics is by creating content and media stories, so I decided this was the right step to take. 

The Nieuwsframes.nl logo focuses on communicating two major ideas. First, that the universe is complex and linguistical communication can offer only a partial understanding of the real universe. This universe is shown in the background of the logo because I like universalism. In front, two squares indicate that the frames presented on Nieuwsframes.nl offer unique insights, facts, and agenda-setting within the public debate. Although the journalistic frame of Nieuwsframes overlaps partially with all existing frames in society, Nieuwsframes also offers unique views on events, situations, and news stories thereby increasing diversity of ideas in the public debate.

The website is fully optimized for mobile devices and a Google App was also introduced for those readers who like quick access to the platform, making it the first App produced and published by Teunis Dokter Commmunicatie on the Google Play Store. The statistics show that the website is quite popular already, with thousands of page views per week. If you like what you see and want it too, let me know! I can for sure help you develop and improve your existing online platforms or support you in creating new ones.

Project tags: user experience design, communication strategy, project management, web design

Nieuwsframes logo

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