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Message framing

Your business thrives on communications. Even if you are producing cars you are in need of a great marketing and sales team that knows how to communicate with potential customers in an effective way. Because without them, you would sell fewer cars and have a comparative disadvantage against your competitors. Thus, it follows, communication is very important for your brand identity and business succes. How your message is delivered and designed influences how people perceive your brand, products, and services. This is why message framing is so important for the construction of (online) campaigns, as the concept of framing offers you a clear perspective for designing your campaign and achieve predictable results in communications.


Important effects

What you communicate to your audience is one thing, the content of the message, how you design this message is another. And when and where people see this message also influences their attitudes towards your brand. This is why message framing as a method can offer huge benefits to your marketing and communication campaigns as the way a campaign is framed will predict if customers buy your product and services. Message framing design offers your business a careful framework to work with and a method to create and determine the effects of your messages before they are presented to your audience. This is of course highly beneficial to the outcomes of your campaigns.


Framing and business success 

Framing refers to the process in which individuals select information to include or exclude from a message and this process will eventually result in a frame that can be either verbal linguistical information or a combination of modalities. This frame is then processed by individuals who also already hold some knowledge with regards to the theme discussed, meaning that you should be sincere when developing convincing frames and aware of your audience’s predispositions. Based on what information you include in your messages and how this is presented, a variety of outcomes is possible. I help you with designing the right messages to reduce counter-arguing, choose the right strategy and channels and formulate persuasive messages. Through the use of methods like A/B tests you could also determine the best frames beforehand.


Framing campaigns and spider marketing

You’re probably not the only business leader trying to influence the markets to convince people to buy a product or service. Your competition is also working on advertisement campaigns and other methods for enhancing their market share. You could actively counter their initiatives by employing carefully constructed campaigns, aimed at reducing the impact of your competition’s campaigns while maximizing your own. A wide variety of intrusion campaigns could be organized through employing spider marketing. If you want to know more about spider marketing, go check this link.

If you like to know more about how message framing can help your campaigns forward and enhance your communication strategy, contact me.

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